We created  a brand new
hydrogen separation membrane
with a stunning  performance
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Divi-H, Divigas' new polymeric membrane, can purify Hydrogen up to 99.95% purity
from any feedstock composition, with best in class recovery rate, and is the most robust system
against adverse feed conditions
highly tolerant
green friendly
cost effective
Resistant to extreme
acids and sulfites
Can separate heavy
Separates CO2 without
other systems
Best in class selectivity
and permeability

for every industry

Divi-H can be used in a wide range of application.
From Fuel gas recovery to loop optimization through H2/CO adjustment and carbon capture.
We can operate in refineries, petrochemical plants, Ammonia plants, Methanol production,
Metallurgical production, Power-to-Gas systems, Gasifiers​​ and many more

team divigas

We are the team of enterpreneurs, engineers and researchers
with more than 20 years of experience


We are the team of enterpreneurs, engineers and researchers
with more then 25 years of experience in AI
and unicorn related fields,
dedicated to bring a better future for the humanity
Andre Lorenceau
Co-Founder, CEO
Andre is a serial entrepreneur who led his previous B2B startup to post Series B, millions in revenue booked and outcompeted tech giants such as Intel. He has raised over US$15 million previously, was awarded ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’. Andre has experience across a variety of sectors and brings endless energy and versatility to DiviGas
Dr Ali Naderi
Co-Founder, CTO
Ali has a PhD from NUS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering focused on membranes for gas separation and organic solvent nanofiltration. He has a background in polymers, including microstructural modification, rheology, structure-property and synthesizing. Ali has published 11 journal papers, five conference papers, and is the inventor for several patents


We've teamed up with the best players in the field
to make the impossible possible
IKEA style installation
Attracts money
Non agressive AI

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IKEA style installation
Attracts money
Non agressive AI
Non agressive AI
Non agressive AI

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with divigas

DiviGas is currently scaling its production capabilities
and is already running pilots with major industrial partners.
Past TRL 6, on TRL 7,
Now doing Onsite Pilots
More pilots wanted
Funded and ready for partnerships

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32 carpenter St, Singapore, 059911
+65 8291 9873
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