The DIVI-H Membrane

A brand new Hydrogen separation membrane with a stunning new performance


Top Efficiency

Lasts longer

Higher Heat and Acidity Resistance

Removes Hydrogen Sulfites & Contaminants

​Highly Tolerant

The Divi-H membrane can tolerate dramatically higher heat, pressure, acidity and other conditions which considerably enlarges its range of deployable situations


Highly Efficient, Divi-H boasts extremely high selectivity and permeance, reducing costs while keeping purity and recovery high


Easily combined with Carbon Catpure and Storage (CCS), Divi-H is the solution to reduce the cost of your CO2 separation process through 'blue' Hydrogen

Where we are &


The Science of Separation

Dr. Ali Naderi has spent over 9 years developing successive inventions that led to this membrane. His PhD thesis was focused entirely on this topic, with the backing of the National University of Singapore, famous for its membrane department led by the legendary Dr. Neal Tai-Shung Chung.


A member of the Australian Membrane Society and one of the few recognized researchers involved in deep HyCO membranes research. Dr. Naderi has been building advanced polymers for over a decade and has created polymeric structures for every high-intensity situations, from rocket re-entry shielding to chemical filtering membranes.

Dr. Naderi ended his tenure with NUS in 2019 in order to launch a commercial product that is the accumulation of years of research and combines several of his inventions. From blending to modifying polymers, all the way through inventing completely new manufacturing processes. All of this culminating in a membrane that is far beyond what is available on the market. Divi-H.

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